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[Note: This story has been updated since it was first published], How a Horror Movie Helped Solve a Real-Life Murder, Ursula Terrifies Disney Guests After Losing Her Head on Ride, Jordan Alexander Lands Major Role in Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones. Former Supermodel, current hobo of sorts Not only did this accident disfigure her appearance, but it also messed her up mentally. Thanks! She is a supermodel and a starlit, as well as a rubber mask and deflated costume draped over a wheelchair. American Horror Story will see its 12th season this year and the cast is already starting up with American Horror Story. But the Shaye legend was cemented solid electronically and worldwide through the digital landscape, as evidenced not only by the online views, but the strong reactions, utter confusions, and high accolades garnered; Shaye was indeed, the real deal. And yet the artifice that he created seems to be his most lasting legacy. The items description breaks down like this: Better hope you dont run into any Killer Klowns equipped with a Cotton Candy Gun this Halloween or you could get zapped into this Cotton Candy Cocoon Static Prop for yourself! Once she got the right care, she decided she wanted wooden/mannequin limbs instead of normal prosthetics. Created by the late absurdist artist, Eric Fournier, Shaye grew her own following and relationships in a niche area of the internet, an early internet where LiveJournal reined and anonymity was still an option for the digital age. She is played by Eric Fournier, the Frenchman who created the character and series and used to be a citizen of France City. The characters fictional backstory, as described by the box copy of the official Shaye Saint John DVD, recounts how Shaye was once a supermodel until a horrific car accident grotesquely disfigured her. 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Shaye Saint John is a fictional character and art project who appears in a series of surrealist, campy comedy horror short films. Created by the late absurdist artist, Eric Fournier, Shaye grew her own following and relationships in a niche area of the internet, an early internet where LiveJournal reined and anonymity was still an option for the digital age. It was not about ego or desire for attention," another friend recalls. Shaye is very eccentric, often obsessing about dolls and playing with them, talking to them as if they're alive and sentient. She is said to be a model who was disfigured in a train accident and so replaced her damaged parts with manikin versions. Mother tries to make you chew on dust. Shaye Saint John was once very successful, being a supermodel. She does this very rapidly much to her friend's astoundment, but she's crasy so it's understandable. "Carl was so involved with the legend of Shaye," Claire tells me, "Is it the kind of thing where you pass the torch? First, in myth, supermodel Shaye Saint John is disfigured in a freak accident and subjected to a series of horrific mind-control experiments by the CIA. Shaye Saint John is dead! Uploaded by Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. New Times. Lastly she has a stray cat (from the barrel above) who she enjoys having around, she feeds him 'kitty candy' (Cheerios), which she would than shoo away after dumping a bunch of kitty candy on her porch, she don't smoke no Newports, didn't stole her neighbour's Porsche. This series of shorts document the daily collision of Shaye's glamorous fantasies with the realities of the physical limitations of her everyday life. Orange mold, filling the bathroom, a fungus and stale air. Summary: Meet Shaye Saint John, a former super-model who now has no arms or legs and her special friend Kiki. It was a personal outing for Murphy and the creators of the horror series. THR has reported that the new season will focus on the following The season is titledDelicateand is based, at least in part, on Danielle Valentines upcoming novelDelicate Condition. Shaye St. Johns Archived YouTube page can be found here. With her occasionally malevolent and telekinetic burned doll Kiki, Shaye has a number of remarkable experiences which could almost be called adventures. Shaye is a wild experiment of what art could be living and odd, giving us surreal Grey Gardens- esque, D-List celebrity hoarder horror and endearing vibes. I'll never ever ever forget working with him. Its hard to describe what makes up a typical Shaye Saint John video, or even who or what Shaye is. Or to keep it anonymous, click here. She is the main character in the world of St. John, and you probably wont ever forget her. "She's coming back.". She also has long, wavy, dark brown hair. Lenora Claire was also in attendance: "It freaked everybody out, and it got banned from the Nuart. Battling alcoholism and overflowing with ideas, he uses the Shaye character to create art while deflecting the spotlight away from himself. In Hand Thing, we hear hand thing and what is it numerous times, beating out a rhythm to the video. For now, head over HERE to purchase the Cotton Candy Cocoon. Shaye, of course, is not real, but simultaneously is very real. Mother yells at you when you need to get work done. "Shaye's still alive," Crew told me over the phone, in a hushed, excited whisper. Yellowed shirts still in their original packaging with a price label from 1978. As you can see her aesthetic is not for the faint-hearted. There are a lot of mysterious people that inhabit the internet, and Shaye St. John is one of them. Spare beds, but no spare rooms. Fournier created the character of Shaye Saint John in the 1990s and revealed the character in a film called Strange Dolly. She does this very rapidly much to her friend's astoundment. Confined to a wheelchair, she never went out in public without her mask. Most of these earlier creations were collected together on the Shaye Saint John Triggers Collection DVD. Out in August from Sourcebooks Landmark, the novel is described as a gripping thriller about a woman who becomes convinced that a sinister figure is going to great lengths to make sure her pregnancy never happens.. "Are you still doing that hand thing?". What on Earth is Shaye St. John After perusing the DVD last night, I'm still not completely sure I can answer that question properly. Her Instagram documents her shock of dyed red hair, curating projects, and pinup photoshoots. "Happy Turkey Day" is the perfect primer to begin your journey, but be warned, you cannot unsee it. Saint John, created by Eric Fournier,[1] was described with a backstory claiming she was a supermodel disfigured in a train accident, who rebuilt her body with a collection of mannequin parts. For his part, the creator of Shaye prefers to let the character do the talking. Its extremely hard to find things on the Internet that still manage to be surprising and shocking, but the bizzarre low-fi avante-garde videos of Shaye Saint John manage to be both horrific and hilarious. She's a manifestation of celebrity excess and obsessionshe's an Indiana punk in LA exorcising her creator's demons. Shaye works because it is uncomfortable and willfully strange. She uses a wheelchair and doll-like mannequin limbs. on the Internet. She's been contributing to the LA art scene for the past decade. We are excited to see what other awesome Killer Klown From Outer Space Halloween items make it to this years collection. She enjoys her life the way it is. I was like, 'What is this weird puppet robot woman lady? That strange mix of low-fi production and complete absurdism did win Shaye some fans. ", Claire built a friendship with Shaye without ever knowing who was behind the character. My mind is still reelingI want more.Ian Jane, DVD, A fine line between madness and genius here, dizzying in its detachment to reality and flashing with the bright colors of childhood. Place of Birth Emailus. Cut to Shaye Saint John, supermodel and starlet, in her standard mask and wig, her rigid mannequin arms tapping one atop the other, back and forth. There doesn't seem to be another subreddit for Shaye fans, so I created this one. He tells me he and Fournier worked with Shaye to create the short videos, called " triggers." Physical Information Mother dotes on unopened electronics. This unnerving appearance is backed by a high-pitched, fast-talking voice that he affected to perform Shaye. When international supermodel Shaye Saint John gets in a car accident she creates an alter ego that is funny, scary and downright weird! "We had this real confidence in each other about all the confessions online.". Hair Color Hang it from the ceiling and youll have your guests always looking over their shoulders for some Killer Klowns once they see this prop on display this Halloween. When you see her masked face in front of the palm trees and twinkling Hollywood horizon, and her strange figure slouching in front of the pink stucco houses, she simultaneously fits the scene and repulses the viewer. [3] Instead of using prosthetics, she added mannequin parts to her face and added wooden hands so no one could see her badly deformed hands. According to the documentary Trigger Happy by Larry Wessel, Shaye was disfigured and lost four of her limbs in a train accident. Spirit Halloweens latest halfway-to-Halloween releases includes a giant Cotton Candy Cocoon from Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Shaye Saint John is a fictional character created by Eric Fournier. 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Every Time You Watch Hoarders, You Become Infuriated. Unlike later videos, these early films are very complex, using low quality video, distorted sound, and cheesy 3D effects. He owns and operates the nightclub and art venue California Institute of Abnormalarts [CIA] in Northern Hollywood. Dear Shaye Saint John Sticks and stones and broken bones Don't worry We'll be chasing stars till everything we love collides You can promise I won't say story Deep inside my heart you're always going to be alive Love collides Love collides Don't say Don't say Love Collides Love Collides Don't say Don't say R.I.P Eric Fournier Much of the comedy is based onrepetition, either of scenes or phrases. Label makers, sewing kits, fabric, fabric, fabric, mountains of unused office supplies, of kitchen utensils, mother doesnt cook. Not only is Shaye the character shallow and fake, but she is also literally fake. Though many of Shayes YouTube videos date from 2005 and later, the character was posting videos long before then. He's kinda being weird. Shaye Saint John Shaye and Claire hit it off after the party, and Claire began interacting with Shaye through her LiveJournal. Oh my Gawd!, I hurd, and Hello Again punctuate her speech without any real meaning. She's some sort of woman, who can form sentences and move about. Saint John, created by Eric Fournier, [1] was described with a backstory claiming she was a supermodel disfigured in a train accident, who rebuilt her body with a collection of mannequin parts. But a few themes repeat in the videos: obsession with beauty/perfection, obsession with celebrity, obsession with connecting with others (but an inability to ever really do it). Her website looks like it was plucked from 2001, because it was. on February 28, 2023, "Directed by Eric Fournier, Shaye & Kiki stars Shaye St. John, a woman in a wheelchair who hides her real face behind masks. Documentary director Larry Wessel started a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary film about Shaye Saint John and the personal life of the character's creator Eric Fournier, titled Eric and Shaye. Brown Shaye Saint John (16) 46min 2008 18+ The title refers to the twenty something ruling underbelly of Los Angeles. No one's gonna get killed, you know, but you never know what's going to explode." Shaye Saint John is the titular main protagonist of the web series of the same name. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. This officially licensed prop features details just like in the movie. At the moment the project doesnt have a name, but we will be sure to keep you updated for more sharky details when we get them in. [emailprotected]. Words are repeated and flashed across the screen, dolls are destroyed, mannequin legs tap and drag across the concrete. nezumi93 Eye Color Your email address will not be published. Or the bathroom. The synopsis provided by Variety goes like this: Set in the Summer of 2024, the film unfolds in Paris which is hosting the World Triathlon Championships on the Seine for the first time. The film follows the exploits of Shaye and her associate, a decapitated doll." Released in 2005 by Indican Pictures. Emmy-nominated Michaela Ja Rodriguez is up for a role in the new season. Absurd and surreal, the videos have been compared to the cult comedy duo Tim and Eric. "Shaye?" What seems like a peek inside the head of an insane person, suddenly becomes more disturbing when you realize you are getting increasingly uncomfortable yourself, trying to figure out exactly what the hell is going on, or if its real, or what the message is. Who or what Shaye is remains a mystery but this series of triggers definitely piques your interest! When making the videos, "[Fournier and Shaye] were very intuitive in how they worked with each other. 46 17. And I can't figure out why. MISS SHAYE SAINT JOHN - HAND THING - YouTube MISS SHAYE SAINT JOHN - HAND THING Miss Shaye St. John 40.7K subscribers Subscribe 31K Share 1.9M views 7 years ago HI DEAR. Before the interconnectivity of the online world, Fournier's friends in Bloomington relied on him to import the new punk trends from LA. She is played by Eric Fournier, who created the character and series. America The project even led to Shaye being written up in an issue of Bizarre magazine. If you can help us with this wiki please sign up and help us! ", Crew and Fournier worked together for ten years. Shaye Saint John is a woman wearing a pale, mannequinface that of a female's with brown eyes, deep cheekbones and red lips. Contents 1 The start 2 YouTube years 3 His death 4 Termination The start The first known video he made is called "Strange Dolly" created in 1999. "He'd sort of keep his back to the audience, pull faces or whateverkeep a bit of ironic distance from the whole 'singer in a band' thing." Can't take my eyes off of you on just dance is such a powerful lesbian dance Faust was seeking insight into Fournier's past. It was like they were speaking an inner language together that I didn't quite get. Deeper than its surface, St. Johns avant-garde style is also a commentary about social media, vanity, and privileged celebrity. Some alternate version of Shaye. At the height of Shayes output, she was keeping the world abreast of her activities on YouTube, MySpace, and LiveJournal. Welcome to Reddit. Dizzying in its detachment to reality and flashing with the bright colors of childhood, Shaye & Kiki is impossible to describe. and Shaye Saint John, her 'uhhhuhhhh' hand . We cant wait to see what the new season of American Horror Story brings with it. In conversation, Crew won't even entertain the idea that Fournier was the artist inside the Shaye costume. Affiliations Fans of Tim and Eric will likely feel right at home with Shayes low-fi video asthetic, and will probably also be unphased by the breakneck wordplay combined with a continuous sense of menace. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Yes, vibes. Fournier created the character of Shaye Saint John in the 1990s and revealed the characte.. The cheesy graphics and low-end production values also contrast greatly with Shayes opinion of herself and the career she allegedly held at one point. She is a fictional character created by Eric Fournier in 2001. The unsettling music, the strange editing, the disfigured masks, thevoices. Dizzying in its detachment to reality and flashing with the bright colors of childhood, Shaye & Kiki is impossible to describe. Be the first one to, Shaye Saint John: The Triggers Compilation (2005), shaye-saint-john-the-triggers-compilation, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Pretty creepy website that seems to be untouched since 2001. recalls a friend on a memorial message board posted after his death. Runtime: 92 minutesFormat: 1:33Sound: Ultra StereoRating: NRGenre: AlternativeLanguage: EnglishCountry: USAWebsite:, Directed by: Eric FournierStarring: Shaye Saint John, Kiki the Doll, Kirsten and Eloid Ruiz, Fringe Video of the YearFringe VideoBest Actor/ActressGimme Shelter Festival, Using a term such as one of a kind seems too overused and wasted in modern society, however with Shaye Saint John there simply cannot exist another of its kind.Jay Creepy, Severed Cinema, Hello againthis series gets the Fringe Video award of the year.Tony Crosgrey, Fringe Video Review, Weird, really, really weird. . "It will be a dreadful thing without Eric, but life goes on, and we just do everything in his honor. But there are some interesting themes throughout the videos. Birth Information In 2003, the character started a blog at LiveJournal. Yikes, I dont know. Actress Cara Delevingne will also star in the series new season. Shaye & Kiki stars Shaye St. John, a woman in a wheelchair who hides her real face behind masks. All those lovely things. Shaye Saint John - Happy Turkey DayShaye SaintJohn1212UP FX is already gearing up for another season of Ryan Murphys long-running horror series. Full Name Shaye is a very confident, glamourous and happy person. Whats more, the fact that this character is transparently a character the actors masculine jawline and stubble are frequently visible only adds to the sense of unreality. For me, the absurd underground/outside art of internet culture has been a major influence on my own work, and Shaye Saint John, her uhhhuhhhh hand thing, her tragedy, her being homebound due to fear and her escape from isolation via the internet resonated with me, a teenager who grew up in the cusp of the internet being our all-consuming livelihoods. Watch any one of her skin-crawling videos and youll see why she is both revered and feared. Dark brown When international supermodel Shaye Saint John gets in a car accident she creates an alter ego that is funny, scary and downright weird! Hello againthis series definitely walks the fine line between madness and genius. With a mask for a face, wooden hands, and decaying mannequin legs, shes all artifice with no real humanity. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window). Weight "I don't knowit would be Shaye 2.0. "When Eric died people made these videos saying ' Shaye Saint John is dead,' which is exactly what was supposed to happen. ", Fournier and Crew arranged a showing of the Shaye Saint John short Turkey Day [above], which, according to Shaye's website, premiered at the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles on Feb 1, 2002. Its easy to write these off as just another set of Internet shock videos, and to be honest that might not be too far off the mark. Shaye is a woman of excess. <br /> In reality, Shaye was the brainchild of Eric Fournier, a Los Angeles resident associated with the California Institute of Abnormalarts. Obviously, just from pure enjoyment I would love to see something from Shaye again. If youve never experienced Shaye, hold on to your hats. Shaye Saint John: The Triggers Compilation (2005) . Or the stove. Biographical Information "I never had the impression he was at all comfortable being a singer in a band. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Shaye sits in a home, filled with dilapidated anchors of Hollywood, and discusses her disfigurement, experiments done by the CIA on her, her decaying beauty and revitalizing of said beauty via mannequin parts. While not creepy in the traditional sense . 1. Watch any one of her skin-crawling videos and you'll see why she is both revered and feared. Were this presented as a real story, of an insane woman trying to recapture her glory years by covering herself in wrapping paper and calling it a dress, it would be tragic. alabama aussiedoodle breeder,

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